At Lymm Leisure Centre we follow the Swim England learn to Swim pathway. Our lessons are for children aged 4 – 16 years old. Lessons run in 10 week blocks year round with a two week break over Christmas. The cost is currently £62 for the block of 10 weeks.
Due to the back log of swimmers from the Covid-19 Lockdown we have a large waiting list for beginner classes. We cannot give an exact wait time but currently it is at least 6 months.

Please email the following information to if you wish to be added to the waiting list

Childs full name
Date of birth
Best contact number
Best email address
Any medical conditions we need be made aware of
Ability/ Any badges already achieved

Swimming Lesson FAQs

Do you have a waiting list?

Yes we have a waiting list for all stages. Once you are on the waiting list we will contact you when a new block of swimming lessons start if we have space available for you.

What ages do you cater to?

Our swimming lessons are for children aged 4-16.

What will my child need to wear for lessons?

Your child will need to wear a swimming costume/trunks. Children can wear swim t shirts if they like.

We only allow goggles from stage 4 and above – we teach our lower stages without goggles as it is an important safety skill.

Our beginners wear armbands which are provided here, we use the armband discs and new starters will have 3 discs on each arm.

Do parents get in the water?

No we don’t allow parents in the water or onto poolside. For our ducklings and stage 1/2 classes in the shallow end we have a teacher in the water and a teacher on the side. For our deep end classes from stage 2 and up there will be a teacher on the side only.

Do the children achieve awards for swimming?

Yes, we have an assessment week on week 8 of every block where the children can achieve badges relevant to their current stage.

Our stage badges are assessed to Swim England standards and all criteria must be achieved to pass. We also do distance badges from 5m up to 800m, we also have stroke specific badges.

In our later stages we also have the Challenge Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards that can be achieved – these awards have been around for many many years and you may find that as parents you will have done these yourself!

How do I re-register for lessons?

On week 9 we have a reregistration week, your child is automatically enrolled into the same class for the next block of lessons unless they have passed a stage badge.

Can my child move class?

Yes on week 9 you can reregister your child for the next block of lessons at a different time if you want. We will only be able to offer you a class that has space in it. You are able to move your child up to week 2 of the block.

What if my child is moving up to the next stage?

If your child receives a slip to say they are moving up a stage they will be put onto our ‘movers’ list. On reregistration week you will have to choose a new class for your child, we will let you know what is available. You will get one week to pick a class before we contact our waiting list.

When do you contact your waiting list?

We contact our waiting lists from week 10 up to week 2 of the following block. Waiting lists are contacted via email or telephone

What if I miss reregistration?

You will have until week 10 to secure your child’s space for the next block of lessons. We will send reminders if we haven’t received payment on reregistration week.

Failure to pay by week 10 will result in your child being removed from their class and the space may be offered to others. You can still register up to week 2 but it is likely that you may not get the same day and time. Registration is also on a first come first serve basis and if we contact our waiting lists the spaces can be filled up. If you miss out on a space you can be added onto our waiting list for the next block of lessons.

If my child can’t make a lesson can I change times for a week?

No, unfortunately your child can only attend the lesson for the day and time that they are signed up for