Lymm Leisure Centre has a wide range of swimming times available for all the community.

This timetable has been created to consider all of our customers needs, these include:

  • General Swim
  • Adult Only Swim
  • Fun Swim
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Swim Squad
  • Rookie Lifeguard
  • Water Polo
  • Parties

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  1. Hello,

    My Son is 4 and a Half and I want to start him doing swimming lessons, Do you do swimming lessons on a weekend or in an evening for this age group?


    1. Hi Hannah

      Yes we have swimming lessons throughout the week and on a Saturday morning, they run from 4:30p.m onwards through the week and 9:00a.m – 12:00p.m on a Saturday. Unfortunately the swimming page is under development at the minute and will hopefully be displayed correctly with timetables by the end of August, so if you would like to pop your son’s name on the waiting list you can fill a form in which is available from the Leisure Centre reception or contact Katie Jennings on phendrie@lymmhigh.org.uk.

      Many thanks


  2. I have tried e-mailing a couple of times regarding putting my daughter’s name on the waiting list for swimming lessons, but haven’t received a reply so far. Could you please confirm the correct e-mail address to use.

    Thanks Karen

    1. Hi Joan, hope you are well. Adults only swimming is on a Sunday at 09:00-10:30. The swims first thing in the morning are predominantly adults swimming lengths as well.
      The timetable link is now working: so you can check out the times on there.
      Any other questions please let us know.

      Regards LLC

    1. Hi Chantal,

      Thank you for your question, all of our memberships include swimming in them. Alternatively if you are just interesting and swimming it might work out cheaper to buy a block of swims, priced at:
      £30.00 for 10 (£3.00 a swim)
      £42.00 for 15 (£2.80 a swim)
      £50.00 for 20 (£2.50 a swim)

      Hope this was of use for you, any other queries please let me know.
      Regards LLC

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