Fitness Suite

Our gym here at Lymm Leisure Centre has all you need to enjoy your sessions and workouts. All our equipment and machines are Technogym which are a brilliant quality and easy to use. Our gym has a friendly atmosphere and approachable staff for any assistance required. The gym is set out with a free weight only area at the back of the gym, all the cardiovascular machines to the left and resistance weights machines to the right. You can find a full list of equipment below.

As well as our main gym area we also have a separate hydraulic gym upstairs. The hydraulic machines are weightless, with resistance added when force is exerted. These machines are brilliant for injury rehabilitation and anyone that is just starting in the gym for learning technique or gaining confidence in a gym environment.

Before using the gym, you MUST have an induction from one of our fitness instructors.

Please ring reception on 01925 758316 to book your induction.

Machines you can find in our gym

  • 2x Treadmills
  • 2x Cross trainers
  • 3x Bikes
  • 2x Rowing machines
  • 1x Hand bike
  • 1x Recumbent bike
  • 1x Ab crunch machine
  • 1x Leg press
  • 1x Leg extensions
  • 1x Leg curl
  • 1x Chest press
  • 1x Shoulder press
  • 1x Pec dec
  • 1x Pull up frame
  • 1x Smith machine
  • 1x Bench press
  • 3x Cable machines
  • 2x Olympic lifting bars
  • Multiple range of lifting bars
  • Wide range of dumbbells with weights from 4kg – 26kg